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My passion, my goal... to paint and travel for as much as I'm able and for as long as I'm able... I place part of my soul on every canvas...

Creative Canvas Gallery is the realization of my dreams..... I put my artistic career on hold for twenty years to raise my three amazing children. I started again ten years ago, in Ballito on the North Coast KZN, South Africa. I started teaching about 8 years ago, and have had many rewarding moments along the way. Many exhibitions and a few projects later, I find myself in the wonderful situation of being able to paint every day.

I have a very extensive and varied portfolio of work. I work in oils on canvas which I love the flow and movement of. I paint anything from landscapes, seascapes, portraits and wildlife to cultural work, from realism and Impressionism to contemporary art....

  • "So, this artist uses her brush to speak! It is very seldom that one can 'feel' an artwork, Michelle's artworks evoke emotions you never knew were there. Most people, if they tried, can learn to paint but its not about the technique and the 'know how', it's about the essence of the heart, the truthful no holds barred freedom of expression. You are all that and more Michelle. Rock on!!!!"

    Eve Page

  • "I want to take a moment to thank you for your beautiful art work. The two pieces you created for us are stunning. Along with the beautiful pieces you've created, you carefully packaged and shipped them half way around the world. I greatly appreciate your work and your service. You allowed me to bring a piece of South Africa into our home for my wife, Gayle."

    John Lippold

  • "This is to say that I Geraldine Wood, have been taking art lessons with Michelle Scott Prozesky for the duration of the year 2015, and found her not only a most capable art teacher but also a very encouraging human being who has an extreemly positive and cheerful nature. Were anyone wanting to begin art, or even further themselves in their present abilities, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to them.

    Should you wish to speak to me in person, I can be contacted on telephone number 031-7634189."

    Mrs Geraldine Wood: 29/11/2015

  • "Michelle makes art practical and fun. She teaches in such a way that anyone (even someone like me with no artistic background or training) can master whatever they want to draw and paint. She has a unique ability to demystify art and to make it practical. Michelle also builds your confidence levels through the process of teaching and makes you believe you can do anything you want to. If it had not been for Michelle - I would never have picked up a pencil - let alone a paint brush.- Thank you Mich! You Started me on this amazing journey and for that I am grateful."

    Jacqui Barnes

  • "This quote sums up Michelle and they way she teaches from the heart and soul... "Life beats down and crushes the soul, art reminds you that you have one." Stella Adler. Michelle is my friend and art teacher , she has this contagious positiveness that she shares so willingly. She is so encouraging and sees the best in me and my art, she has shown me how to trust myself. You come away from an art class with such energy and inspiration. Michelle as an artist is just simply amazing, her work is so effortless and soulful, she goes about her paintings with such ease and her love for the arts shine through."

    Tanya Streak

  • "Wow what an amazing artist you are Michelle! So talented and so professional, from start to finish. I will definitely be getting you to do more artwork for us in time! Thank you!!"

    Angela Fillis



Landscapes are like a walk in closet...one must be able to see right into the painting, many landscapes around the world bring out the best in most people, the beauty of a landscape is more often than not, unsurpassed by nothing.


From the moment you lay eyes on a seascape you should see the movement and almost hear the roar of the waves, the sound of the sea is music for my soul.



South African wildlife has a life all of it's own, for the majestic elephant to the fun filled wildebeest, to the lion... hunter and King of the beasts. I have been privileged to have been surrounded by all kinds of wonderful wildlife growing up, from there, comes my love to paint them.


My first love is Portraits, to create a soul filled painting for my clients by starting with eyes. "Eyes are the portal to a mans soul"


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